Birthday Colors
Birthday Colors
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2 Comments on "Birthday Colors"
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  • Amirsadjad // 2010-03-04 18:06:00

    bah bah mibinam ke bazam hamun moshkele ke khodet midoonio dare :D amma akse taghriban khubie , saturationesho bishtar koni ghashangtar mishe , baraye in harkate siaho sefidam ziad monaseb nist chon khode gole bishtaresh sefide. kollan 4/10

    p.s : kheili namardi :D man select balad nistam che konam ?
    p.s 2 : EMZAAAAAAAAAAA :((
  • navid // 2010-03-05 00:13:37

    daghighan chon khode gol sefide va faghat labeye gol rangi hast man baghie aks ro siaho sefid kardam.
    dar morede on moshekel etefaghan aks focus hast vali chon prz haye atrafe golbarg ha sefid hast va zamine golbarg ham sefid hast in tor benazar miad.
    p.s : man in aks ro zemne aksbardari be in shekl daravordam na ba photoshop.

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